Cindy Novotny

Stop Meeting Madness!


It is time to get down to business.   And what I mean by that is to free ourselves from boring, non-eventful and unproductive meetings.  I speak to employees from countless different companies all over the world, and they all share the same thing with me – ‘our meetings are a waste of time.’  Every time I hear that statement, it gets me thinking.  Why am I hearing this but the leaders running these meetings are not?

It’s simple – no one focuses on the objective of a meeting. 

So today, I have decided to share with you a couple of tips to make your meetings more enjoyable, more productive and how to make your employees stop thinking that you are wasting their time.

1.       Survey your entire team on what they would like to see in the meetings, how often and how they should be facilitated.

2.       Interpret the results from your survey together with the entire team and make some  collective decisions.

3.       Have a set agenda and goal for each meeting or do not have the meeting.

4.       Monitor all goals at meetings.

5.       Rotate who facilitates the meetings.

6.       Debrief bigger issues after the meeting in smaller groups.

7.       Move the meeting place around.

8.       As a leader don’t dominate the meeting.

9.       Keep the meeting motivational, positive and engaging.

10.    Always start and end on time.

You don’t have time to waste, so take these tips and put them to good use.  I promise it will make a difference in your meetings and how your employees view them!