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Take Responsibility for Yourself!

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What has happened to our world?  Too many people expect to get a free ride in business and in life.  I was raised to take responsibility for my actions and my future.  Growing up, I didn’t have things handed to me and have worked extremely hard for everything I have now.

I am going to share a story that happened in my early 20’s to give an example of how I was held accountable of my actions.  It was summer at the time and I had a good job. I ended up being laid off and decided that I was going to claim unemployment.  After I got home, I decided I was going to lay out in the sun and while doing so, my father came home early to find me not at work.  Yes, you guessed it.  It was less than 30 minutes, that I was up, showered and out looking for a job.  There would be no excuses, and there would be no free ride.

Last week in Scotland I met a gentleman on our plane who was from Dallas, Texas.  He’s a father of 4 young adults and came from a family of 5 kids.  His dad was a physician and they lived a nice life.  His father told all 5 kids, ‘I will put a roof over your head, I will keep you fed and clothed, I will pay for all of your education and I will protect you.’  But the next statement is what was interesting.  He then said that at about 10 years old he asked his dad to buy him a bike.  His dad looked him in the eyes and said again – ‘I will put a roof over your head, I will keep you fed and clothed, I will pay for all of your education and I will protect you, but I don’t buy bikes!’  ‘If you want a bike, get a paper route, get a job as a golf caddy, wash cars and save your money to buy a bike.’

Now not that I agree or disagree with this, but it does make me think about how different it is today.  I’m not just talking about young people, it is about people from all backgrounds and ages.  What makes anyone think they deserve a free ride. 

My fear is that if people keep taking advantage of employers, friends, churches, family because they feel entitled - our future will be dim.  We need to raise our kids to work hard for extra things.  When it comes to work, we need employees to accept the job and salary and if they want more, they have to do more. 

Stop sitting back in your easy chair watching life pass you by.  Get out there and make things happen!  Ownership of your life is key – so take accountability, step up to the plate and hit that home run!

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