Cindy Novotny

The Art of Perfection!


I have been working in London all week and when I am in any country I love to live like I am a local.  Last night we went to Notting Hill and visited The Distillery which specializes in all things Gin!

Gintonica, Ginstitute, Portabello Road Gin and many other tiny board rooms and bars are all within this fabulous establishment.  Now, I have never been a gin drinker, but again, ‘when in Rome…’

We sat down to an enormous menu of Gin Cocktails.  I went for the Botanist.  The bartender said to me, it is time you learned how to perfect a proper G&T.  And then I became a connoisseur!  It is all about perfection. 

So, let me take you on my journey.

1.      Start with the right glass – not a tall Collins glass but a balloon glass (like a wine glass).  It is the best way to savor the taste and flavor in glass that has a larger surface for you to smell the aroma

2.     Many people think that a lime goes with a G&T, but most ins have a lemon peel in the mix.  My Botanist had green apple, mint and juniper berries.  Fantastic taste!

3.     Fill the glass entirely with ice and use chilled tonic.  Not just any tonic, but Fever-Tree Tonic.  For my Botanist we used Fever-Tree Tonic with Elderflower.

What seemed like a simple drink now became art and perfection.  Loving every moment of the experience.  As I continued to learn more about The Ginstitute it got even better.  It began its life as London’s smallest museum above a building that is ingrained with an alcohol-sodden past.  N. 171 Portobello Road, a public house since the 19th century.  Outgrowing its diminutive home and combined with the desire of the Portobello Road Gin team to bring production of the gin back to its roots, in 2016 they moved a few doors down London’s most famous street to No. 186, where lies a building that has housed drinking establishments since 1867.  Most famous were The Colville Hotel, known as the ‘Pisshouse.’

Perfection should be in everything we do – all day, every day.  Pay attention to your life, business and future.  Don’t waste a minute on average.  Do it right the first time!

PC : Minted

PC : Minted