Cindy Novotny



It is Friday the 13th! Wow, how exciting. It is a great day for me as it has always been a lucky number in our family. So why are so many people confused about this day? According to the Stress Management Institute in Ashville, NC, 17 to 21 million people suffer from anxiety on this day.  I am mystified at that statistic. To me it is just a day. I have had days filled with anxiety that do not fall on the 13th where I get caught in emotional conflicts and can’t seem to find the right words, answers or solutions. Many times, this confusion clouds my judgement and causes me undo stress – again this could happen on any day of the year.

I am a strong believer in mentors, counselors and friends who can help support me during confusing and tough times – do you? If not, learn to seek the advice from others, make a pro/con list and action steps to give you the ability to move through the confusion.

I am mystified at how so many people live their life in a confused state for way too long. Find ways to maintain a positive and consistent way of life to stay on your path to success. Don’t get caught up in superstitions or confusion. Move beyond your fear and embrace life. It is meant to be lived!