Cindy Novotny

Stop Wasting Time!


I don’t know many people who haven’t read Stephen Covey’s book ‘7 Habits for Highly Effective People.’  But I do know many people who didn’t implement any of the ideas from the book.  Taking control of your time means taking control of YOU!

Stop talking about time management because you can’t manage the watch or the clock – you can only manage you.  So what I will talk about today is how to stop wasting time by managing yourself.  Stephen Covey talks about focusing on what is important but not urgent.  You and I both know that staying healthy is important, but missing a work out is not that big of a deal.  Missing a deadline could cost you a client.  But missing one work out will not cause you immediate health issues. 

We all have 24 hours in a day and many of us accomplish more in 8 of those hours than most accomplish in a week.  Why?  Because we focus and manage ourselves. 

So as summer approaches and we want to have more time to spend with our family and friends at the beach, you need to take my tips and get on with it.

1.    Stop spreading your work out over the day – put your to do’s, plans, projects in buckets on your calendar and do them each one at a time.  This means blocking out one hour at the most and not checking emails, answering your cell phone or letting anyone interrupt you

2.    Carve out time in the morning or late day for social media – not all day long

3.    Plan your work out when you know you can REALLY do it

4.    Eliminate distractions during the day that take you away from your goals so you can take that Friday off to go the beach

5.    Swallow the big frog first.  If you have never heard that saying it tries to give you a visual of why you should do the most important things first.  Picture having to swallow 5 frogs.  They are lined up in front of you.  They range in size.  There is one big toad that you can’t even imagine swallowing so you save it until last.  Imagine after swallowing 4 frogs what it will be like to finish off with that huge, ugly toad!  Do the most important things first and the rest of the day will be a breeze

6.    Stay the course.  Hold yourself to the schedule and if you have to reduce your scope – do it but stick to the schedule always

Life is a journey of never ending goals.  Remember you must live it with energy and zest if you wish to create unbelievable memories!