Cindy Novotny

Keep the Standards High to Motivate Your Team!


There is a misconception that a tough leader is not motivational.  This in fact, is simply not the case.  Employees are always observing their leaders and with that, sets the tone for their development. 

If a leader doesn’t walk the walk, talk the talk and hold themselves or others accountable; no one else will either.  Setting high standards and living to those standards separates the good from the great.  High standards and work ethics lead to high performance.  Low standards lead to low performance and lack of commitment. 

I believe that my energy, work ethic and high standards not only energizes my team, but also motivates them.  Those who do not agree with my approach most likely would not fit in.  As a leader of your own business, department or region, it is up to you to set the bar.  But you also have to remember that it goes both ways.  With that said, the members of my team who are the most self-motivated give me the motivation and energy I need in order to continue being successful not only at my job, but also as a leader.  They are the ones who step up, give ideas and are true in their feedback to me.

But in all honesty, I am not a perfectionist.  In fact most of the time it is my team that finds the mistakes and areas that need improvement.  I consider that the highest standard ever.  Being a tyrant or nitpicker is not my style.  I just demand that we all give the best every day and do whatever it takes to be excellent.