Cindy Novotny

Falling in Love with Uncharted Travel

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Today I drove from Houston, Texas to Sikeston, Missouri with my friend Shelley Marlow and my parent’s wonderful Malamute, Charley. Why? Because every year my parents leave the heat of Texas and enjoy their summer in beautiful northern Michigan - that’s why!

What I realized during my drive is that I love the scenery of our country. The rolling hills, Bluebonnets, farm land and the vibrant green woods. For me, this is uncharted travel at its best. My normal travel consists of planned flights, Uber rides to a hotel and flights to the next destination.

Although I love my life, I thoroughly enjoyed my 8 hours of driving north today and will equally enjoy it tomorrow as I continue north to Michigan.


I love packing my bag and heading to a new destination and this wanderlust only grows deeper the older I get.  Sure - when you are a millennial it is so fun to pick up and go.  No kids, pets, or worries.  But if you plan better you will end up with more money to make memories.  So no matter your age, pick up and go when you have the freedom to do so.

Here are some of my tips for you to ‘pick up and go’ -

  1. Save money for a spur of the moment trip
  2. Don’t make too many plans
  3. Be open to try new things
  4. Don’t be afraid to travel alone – I do it all the time and meet so many people
  5. Travel pushes you out of your comfort zone - be ready to grow as a person too!

As I left my parents’ home at 4:00 AM in their van with their dog, I watched them wave goodbye as we pulled out of the driveway.  No matter how old I am, my parents still worry.  This was the first time I was driving this trip without one of them.  They wrote out my directions with precision so that I wouldn’t get lost and this gave me the comfort to hit the road and enjoy the ride. 

Get out on the road and enjoy the beauty of life on the road!