Cindy Novotny

Happy Friday!


It is beginning to look like springtime and it is time to be ‘happy.’  Not that you shouldn’t be happy all the time, but sometimes you need to focus on what makes you happy and that happens when you have sunny days.  So why don’t you start NOW!?

  1. Don’t compete in life in areas you really don’t care about
  2. Focus on what matters most to you and your family, friends and loved ones
  3. Never cheat at life
  4. Be authentic and true
  5. Give more to your job so you are valued and happy
  6. What is your goal today, tomorrow or for the rest of your life?
  7. Set your sights on being happy everyday
  8. Look at the obstacles thrown at you and learn from them
  9. Know what makes you happy and spend more time doing it
  10. Be gracious, grateful and curious everyday!