Cindy Novotny

Spring Clean Your Business


March 20th marks the first day of spring.  For me it marks the end of the first quarter and time to dust off the winter blues and clean up your act! Springtime gets people thinking about getting their gardens into shape and getting rid of the extra winter pounds you put on during the holidays.  But for me I think about ‘gardening my business.’

Here are a few business gardening tips to jump start your second quarter:

  1.  Any clients that you haven’t connected with need a springtime call - or even better send a bit of spring to them.  Grab their attention and personalize what new ideas you have for them.
  2. Spring clean your website - Now is also a good time to clean your site and social selling platforms.  Make sure you are up to date with pictures, links, blogs and ideas.  Put something new and fresh on your site to show you are springing into the future.
  3. Come up with some new offers - A good way to grab ones attention is to come up with some new offerings or packages.  Think about new, fresh ideas that would prompt a new client to call you.
  4. Get outside and meet new people - Attend local shows, events and business meetings in your own neighborhood.  You would be surprised at how much business potential is right under your nose.  Due to travel, weather constraints and other winter obligations you sometimes lose sight of these prospects.  Go out and meet people.
  5. Plan for filling your pipeline by June - You only have 3 months until the half way point of the year.  Get your pipeline as full as possible by June so you do not have to panic for year end.  Push harder in this second quarter so you have time to plan better for next year in the third quarter.