Cindy Novotny

Stay Connected!


I just returned from Cabo, attending the epic Engage!!  I have been a speaker at 24 Engage Events. Every single one of the attendees is different, unique and beyond comparison.  The exchange of ideas, dreams, and passions, are overwhelmingly meaningful.  The more we share, the more innovation and creative thinking we bring out into the world because it is contagious!

As I flew home last night, I reflected on all the new individuals I met, all the friends I connected with, and the amazing ability to stay in touch via technology.  While so many people suggest banning mobile phones in meetings, Engage encourages posting, note taking, picture taking and corresponding, via your Instagram name tag. 

This type of instant connection allows everyone to follow up as they promised, find people they want to talk to and then remember all the incredible moments by browsing your social media stories. 

Technology is our friend.  Technology should save us time.  Technology should keep us organized and technology should be relevant. 

If you are not utilizing your resources that are supported by your CRM, social media and your mobile devices, get going.  Technology created the instant gratification that social media provides and it is absolutely necessary for your business to grow in the future.

There is never a better time than the holidays, to use all the help you can. 

Enjoy your weekend!!!