Cindy Novotny

Too Much of a Good Thing IS a Good Thing


Years ago I read Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book ‘Simple Abundance .’   I loved the book in which each day you focused on what is important and what is not.  I made the mistake of giving it to a person who worked for me at the time.  Why would that be a mistake?  Read on!! 

This colleague was a new mom and didn’t agree with my thoughts on raising our daughter with us on the road.  After reading the book she called me and resigned to stay at home with her child.  Her choice.  No problem. 

Fast forward - the money runs out, there are sacrifices in which no one really wants and after a year you have two working parents.  

So why am I sharing this. Because several years later Sarah Ban Breathnach came out with a new book after many years of no new material.  This book is called ‘Peace and Plenty ‘ - Finding your path to financial serenity.  Since I loved Sarah’s writing, I immediately bought her new book and binged read it!!!

WOW.  It was her personal story of how her husband, who she trusted and ran her business had stolen everything and left her with little to nothing.  

Anyone who knows me and Lefty will tell you that we have a wonderful life together and we are partners in our personal and professional lives.  We have trust, but it comes from open and honest transparency.  

We want it all and we will work together to achieve our goals.  We think it, dream it, visualize it, talk about it, strategize about it, plan it and make it happen-TOGETHER!!

We believe you can have it all if you are willing to fight for it. I thank Sarah for her words of wisdom to remind me every day not to sit back and rely on someone else to be in charge of my destiny!

Get ready to kick off 2019 with the guts to make tough choices because you can have your cake and eat it too. 

See you in the new year. XOXO