Cindy Novotny

Sales People Don’t Close

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Most Sales People Don’t Have Guts to Ask for the Business!

Recent studies show that 64% of most sales people don’t close the business they go after.  Why? There are several reasons.

1. They are order takers and aren’t hungry enough

2. They don’t plan the sales call properly

3. They like to listen to themselves and ignore buying signals (positive and negative)

4. They don’t practice asking for commitment

Is this you?  Stop hiding in the corner.  If it is you, we can help build your confidence and give you the skills, attitude and knowledge to increase your closing conversion.  Make no mistake about it.  You either bring home the money or you don’t.  

I live by this quote from Frank Robinson from 1973….

“Close doesn’t count except in horseshoes and hand grenades.”  This quote first appeared in Time magazine July 31, 1973.  This is life – you only get one shot at greatness, so go for it! 

If you sell for a living, you need to understand that every day that passes where you did not get the sale, you have to sell twice as much the next day.  There is no slacking off, taking time off or sulking.  You must make the sale, or you cannot survive in the competitive nature of business.

At Master Connection Associates, we pride ourselves in closing 92% of all business we go after.  Let us help you.