Cindy Novotny

Think Before You Act!


This week my quote on Thursday got a great deal of attention.  I have never received more emails, texts and phone calls about the subject of trust, loyalty and professionalism.  So, it seems, I am onto something. 

I have always been very clear about my expectations of people on my team, my family and friends.  Just be open, honest and trustworthy.  How hard can that be?  However, I also have learned over the years that trying to play by my rules, doesn’t often apply to others.  People will act in a way that suits them, and it won’t make one bit of difference, how it makes others feel. 

I am softening though!  My mantra used to be, “don’t get angry, get even!”  Now, I am just creating my boundaries that will allow me to only live my life with those who share my values of honesty, trust and openness. You don’t have to agree with me to be in my circle, in fact, I love a good debate.  These attributes will always remain a constant for those I surround myself with, you need to be open and honest.  I am amazed at how challenging this is for some people. 

As you get ready to move into a hectic holiday season where work and personal lives collide, remember how to stay cool, know your boundaries, and learn how to deal with frustration and anger.

In business, I learned long ago, that when a deal suddenly falls through, or an associate doesn’t handle something correctly, I shouldn’t get angry or indignant. I try not to blow off steam and instead, step in to save the ship, if the ship is sinking. 

Keep your cool. Remember, you have the right to ask questions, you have the right to share your concerns and you do have the right to part ways with those that don’t live your core company values. 

When bringing on new team members, it is important to understand what motivates them. Create a ‘quid pro quo’ sheet. List what they want on one side, and on the other the side, list what you need from them. If one party doesn’t live up to the agreement, then we all get to move on, without drama. It is what it is!