Cindy Novotny

No One Flies Solo!


Independent Contractors (IC’s), entrepreneurs, freelancers, and others that find themselves working in a ‘co’ office space, where you independently do your job can be missing out on some very valuable tools. Coaching, mentoring, feedback, strategic planning and other key elements are all necessities that help you grow as an individual.

Recently I have been asked to do more one-on-one coaching with IC’s and those that work independently.  Many are having difficulty staying relevant, re-inventing themselves and working on areas of weakness because they don’t have a leader or a team of people around them to coach and mentor them.

I know as a business owner I would not be where I am today without my team that provides me all the feedback I need, new ideas, status quo challenges and areas we need to focus on to stay relevant.  So, who gives you this valuable support?  If you are not getting enough feedback, how are you growing?

Being on your own has many benefits, but there are hurdles.  You need to create a circle of support that can assist you in your growth.  Here are a few ideas to help you jump the hurdles and move into 2019, with a personal plan to improve the you of today, in order to make way for an incredible tomorrow.

  • Find 2 mentors in your industry that you admire, trust and who are very successful.  Ask if you could put them on your personal board of directors

  • Find 2 mentors outside of your industry and ask the same of them

  • Find a few independent contractors or freelancers that also work on their own and create a plan to work together one day a week in either of your offices or a ‘co’ working space.  This will give you some energy of bouncing ideas off each other and pushing you out of your comfort zone

  • Read one book a month on various topics

  • Attend one workshop, seminar or conference per quarter that will help you in your business

  • Ask for feedback on your website, newsletters, blogs, social media and proposals from one of your mentors

  • Create one new line of business for 2019

  • Take one trip every quarter to explore new ideas

  • Plan 2 hours weekly to just ‘think’

  • Set your goals for 2019 this week and have one of your mentors give you feedback and have them challenge you

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction….Cindy