Cindy Novotny

A New Way to Clean


As we enter the month of November, we are approaching the end of the year, which brings the excitement of a new beginning, a fresh start.  Everyone loves the idea of starting anew, however, not everyone takes the steps to truly make that possible.  Whether your last 365 days was unapologetically flawless, or maybe, you would wish nothing more than to wipe your hands clean of it, holding on to the past only clutters your future.  Yes, I literally mean “clutter” but even more importantly, you must rid yourself of emotional baggage, less than savory experiences, and vow to yourself that you will purge those old ideals, expectations and standards! 

As you start making your to do lists which may include, raking the leaves and cleaning out closets, put down long term goals and dreams that you still want to accomplish.   Don’t just focus on the activities of cleansing your surroundings and getting rid of tangible items.  Jot those dreams down!  Dare to put it in writing and let the manifesting begin!  Sometimes, when we let a thought out of our mind, and onto paper, it becomes real.  Your dreams and aspirations, don’t have to be a fantasy.  Purge the idea that a dream, can’t be a reality.  If you are reading this, and your previous year truly was fantastic, you may think, “there was nothing I would have done differently.”  If that is your thought, consider this, you don’t necessarily need to find something wrong with the past year, in order to make the next one, more incredible.  Pinpoint what worked, why you would do it again, and how you can apply it to other scenarios in the future that you haven’t thought of.  WRITE IT DOWN!  There is always room for improvement and growth, not because you need to be a “different” you.   Instead, plan to be a “better” you.