Cindy Novotny

Moving Forward


One of the most challenging obstacles in life, is learning how to move forward after significant loss or conflict that we all inevitably encounter.  Losing loved ones, and attempting to go on with life in the same manner as we used to, just doesn’t seem possible.  To make those instances even more difficult, we all deal with grief in a very unique way.  It is an extremely personal and intimate process and often we would never know how our reaction to such a crisis would be, until we are forced to go through that actual grieving process.  I have found that ‘moving on’ is not an option because our hearts, make that impossible.  What I have discovered, is that slowly, over time, we can move forward.  The thing about loss, is that it teaches us how precious life truly is.  It reinforces the love and the bond of family, friends, and those that we hold close.  Maybe moving forward is the best thing we can do in order to process grief.  Bringing a piece of those with us, that we have lost along the way, is what saves us.  I don’t feel that it’s possible to lose the relationship with a loved one who has passed.  I believe the relationship only changes, it transforms.  This is similar to the pain we feel….does it ever go away?  I don’t think it can, but it does become different, it changes, and morphs into something we can bare, something to reflect on, because that feeling is what reminds us of the love we were fortunate enough to share with that person.  It reminds us, we are alive, and we are moving forward, carrying them with us, every single day, in our hearts.