Cindy Novotny

You Never Know the Impressions You Leave on Others!


When Jessica was at Tesoro High School in Orange County, CA she had a lot of friends on the football team.  Many of the kids ‘hung out at our house’ and we made it a fun place to be when you are 16 years old.  One day one of the football players, Xander Clark a good friend of Jessica’s, called her and asked about her parents donating to the school football program.  The rest of the story below was written this week, by Xander and posted on Facebook……Enjoy the story time!

Story Time by Xander Clark

“My greatest accomplishment in high school was not just about GPA or taking the prom queen to prom or being on back to back CIF championship football team, it was the following story.

It was summer 2005 going into my senior year. Every football player was required to sell $300.00 worth of program ads in the football program. We offered different size ads in the back of the football program to local businesses. The smallest ad was for $50.00 and the largest package was $5,000.00.

After Coach O’Connell handed out the packet and gave us instructions, I went to his office and asked if I could have a minute. “WHAT DO YOU NEED XANDER?!” I replied, “What’s the most anyone has ever sold in program ads?” He told me that a kids Dad had bought the $1,000.00 package the previous year. That’s when I knew I could do better.  “Coach, if I sell a $5,000.00 program ad, will you pay me $500.00 in commission?” To which he replied, “If you can convince someone to buy that package I’ll cut you that check immediately no problem but I guarantee you won’t do it.”

 I left his office determined to make it happen and knew exactly who to call. I reached out to Jessica Kane (Novotny) to get her fathers’ (Lefty) telephone number.  Lefty and Cindy Novotny run a very successful business that focuses on leadership, sales and service training called Master Connection Associates and Lefty loved football as he was a kicker for The University of Iowa.  On top of that they’re just great people. He was the perfect prospect.

I set the appointment and put on my best dressed clothes and went to meet him at his house. I was sweaty and gassed by the time I got to the top of the driveway. (Long driveway.)

We chatted for a bit, discussed the packages and then I went for the close. I remember the feeling when he wrote me a check for $5,000.00 like it was yesterday. It was one of the best feeling I had ever had. I drove straight to the school and handed my coach the envelope with the check enclosed. He opened it, pulled out the check and said “You’ve got to be sh!tting me!”

He told me to get another 5K and he’d write me a $1,000.00 check. I sold a few more packages with a grand total of $7,800.00 in program ads sold. The last day of summer camp he presented me with the check. I remember thinking to myself “You know how many hours I have to work at the tree lot to make $500.00?”

Now today, I am in sales and I have been chasing that feeling and closing deals ever since.  Don’t give up on your dreams – you can do it!”