Cindy Novotny

Two Broke Girls is Not a Reality Show... Or Is It?


It is easy to understand that people in their 20’s and 30’s may not consider retirement planning important.  Well, 20 becomes 40 real fast and I am here to tell you that you must start saving for plan B.  This month I am focusing my social media feed on goal setting, saving money and planning for the future.  So let’s start with my younger audience (although those of you who are older may want to read this also) because I think "better late than never" is KEY when it comes to your financial planning.

My parents taught me to save (well, they suggested it loudly) and also taught me to push the element - live right at the edge.  My husband made that a reality.  I learned early on that paying myself first was the only way to grow your wealth.  So... the first step is to SAVE MONEY and RESPECT MONEY.  

How? Use these tips:

  1. Set SMART Goals

  2. Get a financial buddy or coach to hold you accountable to save

  3. Be a smart shopper and look for deals – don’t pay retail if at all possible

  4. Push yourself, live at the edge but make sure you can pay your bills every month

  5. Don’t try and "keep up with the Jones"

Make sure you are saving your 401K or equivalent that you may have.  Try and contribute as much as you can to your 401K within reason.  Look into Roth IRA’s.  With the new tax plan, you need to make sure you are doing what you need to do to save more money.  It is simple; take a strategic approach to your savings, investing and planning so there is no need for the emergency that could happen tomorrow.  


Ending up in a real bad financial situation should not happen if at all possible.  Think about your future now so that when you catch up with your future, you have no regrets.