Cindy Novotny

Life is Like Learning to Skip Rocks!


I love skipping rocks on the lake in Michigan during the summer.  I've spent many summers looking for the perfect smooth, thin, flat and circular rocks to use in my attempt to master the art and as I sit in my bungalow in Grand Cayman overlooking the beautiful blue waters, I realize that the waves would make it so hard to skip rocks here. 

Well, this is a bit like life.  When you spend your life looking for the perfect set up, the perfect person, the perfect landscape and the perfect life, you end up frustrated when the waves are too big to even skip your ‘perfect rock.’

Hear me out.  Life is all about ups and downs and it is not always perfect, but we each have the ability to try and create what ‘our own perfect life’ looks like.  Just as skipping stones, here are the tips to a good stone’s throw:

1. Get into position – stand sideways by the shore with your non-dominant shoulder closer to the water.  Bend your knees so your toss will start lower, nearer to the surface

  • a.      Life conversations – get in the best position to start off the conversation at the beginning
  • b.      Don’t dominate the conversation
  • c.      Lead in nearer to the surface of the issue

2. Create speed – lean back and swiftly whip your throwing arm across your body.  The more oomph you put behind your toss, the more skips your stone can make

  • a.      Life – get on with the tough issues fast – don’t hesitate.  Whip into the issue
  • b.      Give the issue all you’ve got and throw yourself into it with follow through
  • c.      The more you put into these relationships and conversations the more easily the next one will come

3. Add some spin – roll the stone off your fingertips so it rotates toward the water.  Spin will help the rock skim over the surface rather than sink to the bottom

  • a.      Life – let the words roll off your tongue with passion
  • b.      Occasionally you need to spin your thoughts or viewpoints of a life situation so you don’t risk sinking

4. Let it fly – hurtle your stone down and out.  The rock should meet the water the way an airplane lands – at a shallow angle with its front end tilted up

  • a.      Life – let life go and fly away with positive results - don't worry about being perfect
  • b.      Not all stones will skip well and not all conversations and life situations will go well
  • c.      Just remember that the goal is to land safely in all aspects of life and not sink it