Cindy Novotny

Take Charge of Your Life - NOW!


Are you the type of person who likes to take charge of their life?  Do you like to have control?   Regardless of the answer, you must own who you are and decide who you want to be in the future.  I like taking charge and being in control.  Does everyone in my life like that about me?  Not really!  I believe you have to be the type of person who is true to yourself, but willing to compromise for the important people in your life.  Be real and authentic - if that means you are a ‘bad-ass’, then own it.

You have probably all seen all of the Facebook quizzes that ask you about yourself.  There were two this week that stood out to me.  I didn’t share them on Facebook but I will share it with you now.   At first I thought they didn’t really fit me, until I shared them with people close to me who said – ‘oh this is you.’ 

So here is what Facebook said about the Type of Girl Cindy is.

“Cindy is the kind of girl that likes to be in control.   Nothing can stop her from being herself.  She slays the dragons that get in her way, but her bad-ass attitude will protect those close to her – always!”

Yep that is me.  I am that girl.  I will fight to the end to win business, take care of my family and do the right thing every time.  Do I make mistakes?  You bet I do.  Do I own up to the mistakes?  Oh yes!  So as you set out this weekend for a few days of fun in the sun, reassess yourself, your actions and how you will continue to change in order to take control of your life.  Don’t let anyone get in your way and never give up your destiny to anyone but you.  You make the rules and you live the life!