Cindy Novotny

Send Your Goals into The Universe!


Last week I spent the day in Galveston, Texas speaking at The Galveston Island Tourism Summit.  The theme was all about ‘May the Force Be with You” as it was on May 4th.  They gave us papers with instructions to make a paper airplane and write our biggest goal on it before we put it into flight.   It was fun, but scary knowing that someone in the room was going to get my goal with my name on it and hold me accountable to it.  That is really the only way you will ever meet your goals;  You have to put them out there for everyone to see.

So here are some tips to help you do that:

1.    Write down five goals that will impact your life and help you grow this year

2.    Write down at least three realistic alternatives to problems you are facing

3.    Write down the most important goal you MUST achieve this year

4.    Write down the impact of not accomplishing that BIG GOAL this year

5.    Get buy-in from others around you

6.    Write down what you heard from your ‘circle of trust’ and increase your commitment to make these goals by involving others in your actions and strategies

7.    Schedule a follow-up every week (not every month) with a ‘stake holder’ so that you are held true to your commitments

As we say at Master Connection Associates and even in our own home...

“Go big or go home!"