Cindy Novotny

Hard Work Does Pay Off!

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This week I am writing to you from Beirut, Lebanon.  Being able to tour the city, learn about the history and experience the culture has taught me so much. I felt so privileged to walk around and witness the hard work of the people who live here and see their resilience paying off.

Have you heard of a Phoenix? The Phoenix is a mythical fire-bird in ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and Greek mythologies which has a tail of beautiful plumage, a life cycle of 500-1,000 years and is considered a symbol of fire and divinity.  Near the end of its life cycle, the bird ignites itself and burns to ashes along with its nest.  It is reduced to ashes from which a new phoenix egg arises and lives again. The capital of Lebanon is associated with this mythical bird because Beirut has been destroyed and rebuilt again 7 times during its history.  Can you imagine the hard work, dedication and hope it takes to rebuild over and over again?  

So let's focus now on your life.  Do you have the determination it takes to succeed?  Do you have the fire of the Phoenix?  The minute you begin to doubt yourself or think you can’t do something, remind yourself of what you are fighting for, what you want and continue to rebuild again and again.