Cindy Novotny

Christmas is About Giving!


What I love about our team is that we will do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Yesterday on the way home to LAX from Santiago, Chile, Austen Ward from our team had to use his medical skills in addition to his social awareness that we use in training to help a young girl who was having a seizure at 30,000 feet.

He was sleeping when he heard screams from a mother and an announcement from the flight attendant on United Airlines that someone needed medical attention.  As a certified EMT, Austen immediately took action.  There was one hour left on the flight before landing at LAX and after Austen monitored the vitals of the passenger, he spent the last hour keeping her calm.

Falling back on his sales and service, he used his social skills of listening and asking questions to keep the passenger awake and calm throughout the rest of the flight. 

We always say that MCA goes the extra mile but in this case, Austen went further.  Even when United Airlines offered to give him a voucher for another flight, he asked to have it donated to a veteran who could use it more than him. 

Christmas is about giving and Austen fully embodied the spirit of Christmas yesterday.  Whatever you may be celebrating over the next few days, please remember to reach out to others.  Happy Holidays to all. 

XO, Cindy