Cindy Novotny

Stop Playing Games


What on earth is going on in today's world?  Everyone is playing games.  Politicians, leaders, family members and employees.  No one gets off the hook.  It is time to ‘say what you mean, and mean what you say.’

The next time you open your mouth to say something to someone, make sure you won’t mind it being said to many others.  If you don’t want it shared with a certain person, then don’t say it at all or say it to the person who is involved.

I have met so many individuals lately that are struggling with the politics in their company, are not sure of where they stand and do not get the right messages from their leaders.  Although I believe my company doesn’t follow this type of culture, recently I found out that people still go to others in the company without coming to me directly.  So I guess I have the same issue!  The only difference is I know now that this is happening and I will stop it right away.  No game playing here!!!

With that being said, let’s take some time to focus on your own circle of friends, family, colleagues, leaders and employees.  Have you said everything to them that is on your mind?  As difficult as it may be, it is so important to get to the bottom of small issues before they blow up.  Believe me when I tell you - you can’t afford to waste any time on useless game playing when we have such lofty goals.

This applies to friends and family as well.  Recently I had a blow up with a friend that could have been handled differently if I would have practiced what I am preaching.  Things had been bothering me but instead of talking through these small issues, I let it get to a boiling point.  The result wasn’t pretty.  So from now on, put the game of survival back in the box and start playing by the rules. 

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