Cindy Novotny

Don’t Let Business Travel Stress You Out


This week, my Monday Mentor Moment focused on lost luggage, canceled flights and winter weather.  I received so many comments from that particular MMM.  Viewers texted, PM'd, emailed and even called me saying how much they hate travel at this time of year.  Well today I want to remind you that we have to conduct business in summer, winter, spring and fall.  Sleet, snow, sun and high winds cannot stop you from being productive.  Many of you reading this like travel a great deal just as I do, but some of you only take a few trips a year.  Either way, enjoy the journey.

1.      There are stories and excitement all around you – pay attention, meet new people and engage in the moment

2.     On planes or trains listen to podcasts and read – today with Wi-Fi on the planes, you can make your entire trip like a welcomed day at the office

3.     Use the downtime to enjoy personal hobbies that you don’t have time to do when home – watching movies, reading novels and magazines

4.     Never sit in your room when you could be out and about enjoying the energy of a destination – I never have room service.  Dining alone in a crowded restaurant opens up a world of opportunity

5.     Learn new cultures not only in business but for your personal life.  My mother always taught me to try everything.  Take a ‘no thank you helping’ every day and learn to love something new!