Cindy Novotny

Building your Personal Brand Image


Social selling is the hit of the day.  Everyone selling today is looking to improve their presence and influence in their social circles.  But how you are perceived has a lot to do with how you are ‘received.’  

Think about how you come across in your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms.  Do you position yourself to prospects, buyers, associates and superiors as a professional and knowledgeable expert in your field or are you wasting their time? 

How positive and enthusiastic are you?  Are you sharing new ideas with your prospects and customers?  Today, your online presence is not just about posting, it is all about engagement.  A 'like' is similar to a wave from a friend, a comment is like saying ‘hello,’ and your reply to comments is what builds the relationship.  

Every time you ignore a comment, it is like ignoring a friend.