Cindy Novotny

Autumn is in the Air!


I am writing this from Mexico City where it is actually 60 degrees and rainy!  I left Southern California where it was 100 degrees and so hot I couldn’t imagine a pumpkin latte!!!!  I love the fall and I love the warmth it brings throughout your house.

As I think about the month of October you can’t help to think about Halloween.  In Mexico City Halloween is called Dia De Muertos – Day of the Dead!  Unlike Spectre there is no parade through the city centre but the city is decorated for the celebration.

I also am reminded this month of how popular the Zombie and The Walking Dead TV shows are.  It clearly exhibits why Halloween continues to be a favorite holiday in the USA and around the globe.  October 31st is the only night of the year when being a ‘fake’ is tolerated.  The rest of the year, not so much.  

So as we enter the 4th quarter of 2016, let’s remember a few things:
1.    Authenticity means you are real
2.   You only have 3 months left to make your quota
3.   Regardless of what end of year celebration you engage in – better get yourself organized
4.   Take time out this month to play in the fallen leaves! No fallen leaves?  Take a nice walk through the woods
5.   Plan something fun for Halloween – even if it means watching a scary movie and playing ‘make believe’ because before you know it, reality will set in once again.