Cindy Novotny

One Month Left to Enjoy Summer!


Hopefully you have been enjoying a great summer and if you already took your vacation then maybe these travel tips will help you for the future.

I am getting ready for a bit of a summer break myself and was thinking about how to make this short time a wonderful get-a-way.  So here are some thoughts:

1.  Stay cool with planning.  I find that when I over plan my vacation I stress out more than when I ‘play it by ear’.  Recently, a friend planned a trip with us and booked the kayaks, boating trips, etc. all in advance and then when plans changed it caused chaos in re-booking.  Be flexible and go with the flow.
2.  A few days a week on your vacation get up early and watch the sunrise.  Think about how you usually want to sleep in on vacation because you never get to.  I am the same way, but what I have found is how peaceful a sunrise can be with a good cup of coffee.
3.  Don’t over pack.  After you pack – go through your clothes one more time and take out a few things.  Don’t forget technology – all plugs, devices, etc. in one ‘tech bag.’
4.  Take better pictures this year.  How many times do you end your vacation and realize you never took one picture?  Early morning and later in the afternoon seem to be picture perfect!
5.  Keep a journal to remember the memories, stories and laughs.

Remember this is supposed to be fun.  Relax and enjoy!