Cindy Novotny

Make Time for It!


Well, summer is quickly coming to an end.  Within 2 weeks schools will be back in full swing, sports will take up a lot of working parents’ free time and the lazy days of summer will come screeching to a halt.  You have a few choices to make – you can either pout around wishing you had more vacation time, or jump into the 4th quarter of 2016 with all the energy and passion you can give.

I talk about how to manage it all and love life at the same time almost every few months.  So I thought it appropriate to get you all set up for re-entering the ‘real’ world of work that follows summer.  So remember my tips.

1.    Never keep an ongoing to do list – always place each to do on the day and time of which you will do it
2.    Do the hardest tasks first thing in the day – make the toughest call first
3.    Don’t procrastinate that which you don’t like doing
4.    Always plan your day the night before so you can prioritize your day
5.    Remember: if you are in sales – you need to block a third of your day to find new business... No matter how successful you are

Enjoy the change of the seasons.  Autumn is almost here and there couldn’t be a better time to re-organize your life so you are more than prepared for the holiday season at the end of 2016.  No excuses, no blame, no frustration or aggravation.  Make time for it.