Cindy Novotny

June Means the Beginning of Vacations!

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As a person who lives with no balance and loves it, you may be shocked to know that I am a firm believer in taking vacations - I always have been, both for me and my team.  I love the fact that all my European clients take most of August off (not all of them) because that reduces a lot of pressure on us in the states.  Although in the US we take an average of 2 weeks, it is important to take that vacation and enjoy it.

So how do you do this and relax on vacation without worrying nonstop about work?  Here are my tips to enjoy the summer and not lose sleep over ‘the office.’

1.    Plan your vacation well enough in advance that you can sit down with your team members and review the work that needs to be done while you are gone
2.    Be honest in your Outlook ‘out of office’ response – e.g.  “Thank you for your email.  I am on vacation until ____. I can get back to you the week of ____ but if you need immediate assistance, please contact our office at ____ or email xyz@ and they will help you right away.  Have a great week!
3.    Let your ‘work partner’ check your email to get rid of the garbage so you don’t have to come back to hundreds of emails in your inbox that will overwhelm you
4.    Now, I am a bit different on that as I own the business.  I will check my emails on my iPhone periodically during my vacation just to weed out the ‘stuff’ but I defer ‘to do’s’ to my team.
5.    Make sure your accounts/work flow, etc. are organized so well in your CRM that anyone can clearly see what needs to be done without stress
6.    Be available for the ‘emergency’.  You don’t want to be that person who says, “No calls, I am on vacation” as one call could save a months’ worth of problems.
7.    Trust your team
8.    Don’t come back from a great vacation with an attitude of “oh, I can’t believe I am back and I just can’t get into the groove” - REALLY!  Your team just took care of everything for you and you are whining.  Bring the team some goodies from the destination as a thank you!
9.    Come back from your vacation one day before you are scheduled to go back to work in order to get ready to jump back into the grind
10.    Enjoy summer, sun and fun and you will have a better second half of the year!