Cindy Novotny

Terrifying Technology!


Stop worrying about what you do and do not know about technology.  Be open to learn and remember you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room.  Every day there is an update to your existing software, new apps, new technology and in most cases your company is probably changing or updating your CRM.  

Try not to stress over this and learn to take on one thing at a time.  Understanding the latest tools, tricks and tips of technology is critical to staying relevant.  If you are not pushing yourself to stay on top of the trends and the new technology tools, you will not be competitive.  Are you getting training?  If not, why not?

Keep in mind that hands on practice is the best form of training.  Just sitting in a class or watching an Online training session will teach you theory and concept but not reality.  Sit down at the computer and play with it.

Don’t think you have to learn everything in one day.  Take time, give yourself a break from being stuck at the computer screen and remember you are not writing code, you are just using the system.

Have fun and play with technology -  just like all the kids do!