Cindy Novotny

Storytelling that Sells!

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Everyone has a story to tell, but not all stories SELL!  Today, so many people are focused on storytelling. Marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and new product development all seem to focus on the ‘story.’  But when there are so many stories going on, in the end it usually misses the message and the emotion of the listener or client is lost.

Pay attention to these key points when crafting your ‘story.’

1. Don’t create so much content that you lose the point

2. Think about Snapchat and Twitter – in a few seconds you can get an entire story told

3. Focus on the ‘what is in it for the client’ message

4. Talk from heart - not from the spreadsheet

5. Use creativity to paint the picture

6. Challenge the status quo

7. Create interest throughout your whole story

8. Always try to grab their attention and set a call to action

There is truth in the fact that people who love what they sell and believe in it are better at telling their stories.  If you have passion for what you sell, it is much easier to talk about it.

I recently heard a story about a new government leader and his approach to cleaning up crime in the country. The person telling me the story did a great job of relating it to me (an American) and pointed out the pros and cons of this leader’s tactics.  I kept wanting to hear more about this leader, his persona and captivating personal life.  Remember, this story is about a country I don’t live in and it could have been extremely boring or left me with the thought of ‘who cares, I don’t live here.’ But….it made me want to research more information on this new leader so I could be a part of the conversation.

It doesn’t matter what your story is about - if you don’t make it exciting for your listeners, it doesn’t count.