Cindy Novotny

Don’t Agree with Your Boss… Pay Attention!


Many people will disagree with me, but I love a team that doesn’t always AGREE with me and my ideas.  My team is feisty.  They argue, they fight and they push me to help make the right decision. But it is critical you do this right.

If you disagree with your boss about something, it’s important to stick to the facts and keep emotion out of it.  Think about what point you are trying to make or what changes you are looking for and show respect for your boss’s point of view. Demonstrating that you care about achieving the best result for the company is key. 

Also, make sure you show that you are trying to collaborate. So, link your idea directly with your boss’s goals and concerns. Remember to provide suggestions your leader can act on; don’t just list problems, come up with solutions.   Be specific about how your idea can prevent pitfalls and present supporting information to show that your ideas are fact-based rather than emotional. Always try to give a range of options. Suggesting different possibilities will signal your flexibility and always invite your boss to take you on as well.