Cindy Novotny



In every minute of every day, of every year, you have choices to make.  The right or wrong choice.

As Lefty and I were raising our daughter Jessica, Lefty would hold up 2 fingers and ask her to decide; right or wrong?  She learned at a very young age that those choices would shape her future and her life.

This past weekend I spent time with my sisters’ grandson and as he turned 5 years old this week, his aunt Jessica started teaching him why he has to make the right choices.  So today, I reflect on choices as it is April Fool’s Day.  I have worked with so many people over the years who have made such great choices and yet I can think of several who no matter how old they are, make poor choices every day.  Some of these decisions will change the course of their lives.  Life is not a joke or a prank, but it is a result of our choices.

When you start off today, consider the things you say and do.  Are you using the right words and actions?  Do you deliver on what you promise?  Are you authentic and true or are you a charlatan?  Are you trying to be something you are not or learning to grow by giving thought to your choices?  Life is not a game, it is not a prank waiting for a laugh. It is real, it is now and you have 2 choices?  

What will you choose?