Cindy Novotny

We Are All Independent Contractors (Or at Least We Should Think That Way!)


This week I posted this quote by JJ Watt: “They will always be trying to replace you.  So you better be damn sure you’re not done creating you.”  Think about it. Whether you own your own business or you work for someone, you are independent.  Your job could be put out to bid every year.  Think of others who offer more value added service to their company and are indispensable.  Everyone provides a professional service.  It is not just doctors, lawyers, accountants and others in the professional service firm world.  It is the truck driver, the lawn service, the sales professional, the spa attendant, the store clerk, the florist – everyone working today is providing a professional service to someone.  Your future success depends on your ability to continue to get better every day.  Think of those ‘moments of truth’ you encounter with your customers, your co-workers, your vendors and your boss.  Every email you send and every Facebook post says a lot about the value or lack of value you add to your company. Today you need to wake up and remember that no matter how good you think you are, someone is looking to replace you. So - are you truly indispensable?  If you think you are, then share why you are. Showcase it, and see what those around you say.  This is not about showing value once in a while – it is about every minute of every day.  Think about your work and what would happen if they put your job out to bid.  Would you win the bid?