Cindy Novotny

If you want INNOVATION – set some goals!


Everyone is trying to set themselves apart from the competition.  While working with sales organizations, I find there tends to be a great deal of ‘group think.’  Teams get together and brainstorm creative ideas and new ways to use technology, but what is the end result?

If you didn’t establish some clear goals at the beginning of the brainstorming session, you will leave with a piece of flip-chart paper that highlights a LIST of ideas and that's as far as it will go.

During your next discussion on innovation try this:

1.     Give everyone a pre-work assignment before attending the discussion – something that gets their mind prepared for what you are trying to achieve
2.    Plan a solid 2 hours: 1 hour to brainstorm, talk, argue, discuss, problem solve and 1 hour to finalize actual action steps to achieve the goal
3.    Remember no idea is a bad idea, but not all ideas will come to fruition

In discussing new business development, start with the goal in mind.  Are you looking to increase market share from a vertical market?  If so, the pre-work should be around that vertical market.  Don’t pull people out for a meeting to come up with average ideas. Good enough is NEVER GOOD ENOUGH!