Cindy Novotny

You don’t have to be Lonely on the Road!


I have been traveling nonstop since January 4th of this year.  That of course is my choice – I live with no balance and love it.  But recently I have met more people who are complaining about all of their travel and how lonely they are on the road.  

First of all, if you have a job that demands a lot of travel it must mean that you are dealing with people or you would be working in a stationary office.  With that in mind, I question how you are interacting with your customers, colleagues or vendors in the field.  I do not ever have the feeling of loneliness because I have so many invitations every night from someone in the city where I am working.  I am asked to go to dinner, be a guest in their home, go to the theatre and even ‘spin’ (though  I tend to pass on the ‘spin classes’).  I have so many invitations that I find myself wanting one night alone to go shopping, watch a movie or just walk around the city.

I believe that loneliness is a condition that one brings on themselves.  Do you give yourself the opportunity to meet new people, join clubs or organizations, volunteer or Facetime a loved one? If not, why not? 

More than anything, remember you belong to yourself.  If you are not happy being around you – then you need to make some changes.  Chances are if you don’t like you... no one else will either.