Cindy Novotny

I love Energy!

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I learned from the best! My parents taught me to hold my head up high, work hard and love my life.  It worked.  My energy is contagious and I try to inspire those around me.  But, with that said, I also agree with Thomas A. Edison.  He famously declared that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  

Building a successful company requires a lot of work - those who don’t want the heavy lifting should re-consider what success really looks like.  With all that said, I believe my team truly loves my inspiration.  I am engaged with my team (even at 30,000 feet in the air on a plane).  I am always on, always available and I practice what I preach.  Do you?

When you feel you are part of a great team that is learning and growing, you can make a real impact.  Most of us know how important inspiration can be in everyday life, but at work it is also critical.  If your employees feel like they are always hitting a wall, unmotivated and not engaged, then get involved.  Allow your teams to talk about what is pulling them down, what is in their way and help them figure out how to break free of the walls.

Inspired leaders look for creative ways to climb over the wall, but inspired employees will crash through the wall. 

So let’s show some energy.  Don’t sit back in your chair and watch the world pass you by... jump in and make some noise!