Cindy Novotny

Stop Telling and Start Selling!


I am fortunate that I get to watch a great number of presentations.  Today I will share a few tips that should help you improve your overall performance next time you are asked to speak either to your own company or to a client group.  Don’t try to script your presentation in the planning process, but create a storyboard with talking points that will keep your audience engaged.  Most presentations need to get buy-in; whether it is to sell an idea, a product or just get internal executives to go along with your plan.  Sell them and stop telling them what you want.  This method will get you more YES’s while causing less stress.  So follow these tips and deliver a better presentation tomorrow!

  1. Always know what the objective of your presentation is
  2. Build your talking points around 3-5 main ideas
  3. Don’t overkill with PowerPoint – remember you are the #1 visual
  4. Never darken the room if you are using PowerPoint – keep people focused on you and your message
  5. Create energy in your talk and engage with the audience – don’t bore your audience by going on and on
  6. With internal corporate presentations, feel free to ask challenging questions but be prepared to debate – don’t get nervous and don’t back down
  7. Design your presentations to evoke emotion, thought, insight and discussion
  8. Avoid marching through document after document – page by page
  9. Create a call to action and then use your final ‘punchline’
  10. Use the ‘MCA’ Presentation Funnel
    1. Opening – Grab their attention
    2. Body – Talking points
    3. Close – Engage in Q&A; Call to Action and Final ‘Punchline’