Cindy Novotny

Why Training is Critical


Every day I am reminded by a past attendee of one of our workshops just how much they learned and how they have incorporated those new skills into their life.  I have numerous emails from past delegates saying that they carry with them all the life skills we taught. 


Why then do so many leaders and individuals still question doing any training?  The answer is simple – they believe what ever got them to where they are today will take them into the future.  They also don’t like to show their weaknesses in front of others.  ‘I hate role playing.’  So what – get over it! We would rather have you practice on each other than practicing on the clients.  There is no magic to sales, service or leadership.  No magic wand that makes you great.  Just as in sports, music, acting or law - you must practice, practice and practice some more to be great.  Average is not acceptable. 


So do you have the guts to put yourself out there?  I have news for you; If you think you are great and don’t need any help, you are fooling yourself.  Everyone needs coaching, feedback and practice.  I know incredible lawyers that practice so much before a big trial – they ask for feedback and learn from those coaching them.  Never again should you avoid a training session. 


There is no such thing as training 101 – we are all beginners every day as business climates change rapidly and we need to continue to learn.  How well do you know your product and services?  How well can you identify the differences between your company and your competition?  Stop believing your own PR and get out of your comfort zone.  I love when I hear people use the quote “Wake up every day and do something that scares you.”  Those are great words but most people NEVER live that quote.


Coaching and training is about developing your existing skills and learning new ones.  What have you learned lately that is new?  How much do you read outside of your interests?  Is every conversation you have the same?  Well the time is NOW to change and get better.


Remember: your past success guarantees you nothing when the rules change and the rules are changing every minute.  Welcome to your future!