Cindy Novotny

Mentoring a Friendship at Work!


Many people find that having a friend at work can be a really good thing – others try to distance themselves from becoming friends with their co-workers.  So, what is best?

There is nothing wrong with having friends at work as long as their friendship helps you grow and get better.  Friends that give you lip service (meaning telling you what you want to hear) are not really your ‘friends.’  You need a mentor in that friendship, someone who gives you meaningful and authentic feedback. 

I am honest to the core with people on my team.  I am realistic, authentic and empowering when I give feedback.  I consider everyone on my team my friend but I have been burned over the years by being ‘too friendly’ with those on my team which can make the mentoring go right out the window. 

I relate this to a woman who has ‘that’ friend who tells you how great you look in a certain dress when your ‘real’ friends tell you never to wear that again. 

So let’s enjoy work every day!  Have fun, make friends and insist on having those friends mentor you as well.  True feedback will only help you grow and get better.