Cindy Novotny

It's Time To Get Real About Your Priorities!

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Why is it so difficult to get real about what you want out of life?  Anyone that is successful in business and in their personal life has had to make tough choices.  They need to learn to balance their priorities.  Whenever you think you can make a lot of money or make ‘easy’ money, you are going to be mighty surprised when you find out that nothing good comes for free!  A lot of time, effort and money is spent on searching for the ‘right’ balance, the ‘right’ job, the ‘right’ partner and just about everything in life.  More money is spent on self-help books because everyone is constantly ‘searching’ for the ‘right’ everything! 

First start by focusing on what you have and give that all you can give – this means your job, your family, your friends and your precious time!  Yes, time should be a priority, but many people squander their time and you can never get it back.  Jump on those sales calls, get that report done, finish the big marketing plan and hit every deadline. 

I promise you that if you prioritize your work, your work will not take you away from your priorities at home.  But most people don’t get that.  Most people see this backward.  First I will take care of making sure I have my fun and then I will get to work – that is trouble waiting to happen as you may find yourself without the job which in turn will REALLY take you away from your ‘fun.’ 

Stop killing time and get out there early and get the job done fast as your first priority and then you will have more free time than you know what to do with.  Don’t believe me – call me and tell me how successful you are by coming in late, leaving early, missing deadlines, and not making your goals!