Cindy Novotny

After the Millennials...


If you think the younger generation is rocking the boat, challenging your authority and taking control without being asked to, get ready for the swell of the newer generation born around 1997 and later!  This generation has grown up entirely connected to technology and they refuse to play by the rules.  They expect an app to connect them to their favorite salad bar restaurant, music, Uber, Airbnb, Nordstrom and their favorite hotel. 

If you are marketing to this group with traditional channels, you may be ignored.  If you are leading them with traditional leadership practices, you may not make a difference.

So where do you start when it comes to connecting to this audience?

1.       Give up control.  Let them use social media to engage with their clients and co-workers.

2.       Motivate them by making them want more from you.  Be an enthusiastic leader who provides insight and excitement.

3.       Improve their world - both in marketing and leading and make sure they know that you (as their leader) are a perfect mentor and will assist them in growing.

4.       Help this generation grow by holding them accountable for producing ‘real’ results; expect from them an individual performance that can’t be covered by the team goal.

5.       Get the entire team to move away from ‘self’ and enter the world of ‘we’.  From selfies to considering themselves as very important people, this generation needs awareness of what it takes to be successful.

When you are committed to acknowledging this new consumer and employee, you will stop trying to make them like you and will hold them accountable to deliver to your expectations!