Cindy Novotny

Don’t Panic When a Team Member Quits!

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We have all been there – out of the blue an employee who you value decides to leave.  When this is unexpected it can become an operational nightmare, but if you set things up right from the beginning you should be prepared.

When interviewing people for our team, I am very clear about my expectations – live by our values; don’t lie to us or anyone; don’t comprise the integrity of our brand or each other.  While reviewing these ‘non-negotiables’ I also discuss their exit strategy.  This usually takes people by surprise – I can see on their face that they can’t believe during an interview I am already talking about how they need to handle their tenure and their resignation!

I explain that life is not always fair, and we both need to meet each other’s expectations.  We will pay them X amount, but in return we need X amount of productivity and loyalty.  In addition, if the team member decides they are not happy in their job, they need to have responsibility to come to us so we can either make things better or help them plan for a move.

The open communication is valued so much within our company that even the great stars on our team that have left ‘properly’ (giving us plenty of notice – working with us on options, etc.) have come back to our company several times.  Those that just up and ‘quit’ are not ever welcomed back – even with a fair amount of notice because we agreed in the beginning that they needed to talk through their decision to quit with us before we receive their resignation letter.

Unorthodox?  YES!  Does it work?  YES!