Cindy Novotny

Your Path to a Healthy Start of 2016


Go into this New Year with a healthy mindset.  Make sure you are prepared for both personal and professional growth by following a few of my tips.  How do I do it? Just watch me, listen to me and pay attention to the positivity I try to promote all year long.  Here we go –

1.        Set some serious goals this year and STICK to them – if you want to email me personally at I will help you stay true to these goals

2.       Adopt a growth mindset – don’t settle and don’t be satisfied with what you currently have – grow and improve all year long

3.       Give feedback to others to help them grow.  If you work with those under the age of 35 (Millennials) they actually want feedback.  Keep them engaged and promote the people who excel at their job in all areas.  Remember YOU want to be that person

4.       Have you reached your ‘sell by date?’  Age means nothing if you are growing and adding value.  I find that a few people I know are beginning to lose their edge because they have the mentality that they are getting too ‘old’ to do this or that.  Get over it and become the product that NEVER expires

5.       Don’t worry if you can’t go back to school to get that Master’s Degree.  I know a great deal of highly educated people who are not making a lot of money and people who have done very little with their expensive education.  Pay attention and learn daily.  TED talks, reading and being curious are key. 

6.       Go into 2016 with a circle of friends that make you better as a person and don’t drag you down.  You don’t have to send an email to those friends or colleagues you want to avoid and tell them they were voted off the island, just get busy with those who make you happy

7.       I talk about being authentic all the time, but in order to do that you need to let go of what others think of you

8.       If you don’t have time to do it right the first time – you won’t have time to do it right the second time.  You don’t have to stress over being a perfectionist but you do need to concentrate and focus to get the job done

9.       Stop comparing yourself, your company and your life to others – be creative and create YOU!

10.   YES you can do it.  Let go of self-doubt and stop trying to do what others think you should do - create your meaningful life and work!