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15 THINGS You Can Learn Early in Your Career That Will Make a Difference!

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Recently I was working with a group of executives and something one of the leaders said to me confirmed what I have always thought about the younger generations in the workplace.  So what did she say that made me write this blog?

“It is so great to have training with you because my mom was trained by you so many years ago and had such a successful career.  I've heard your name since I was a little girl.”  WOW!  Did it make me feel old?  NO!  It made me feel proud.  What I teach makes a difference whether you are 20 or 60 years old.

So that brings me to my message – if you are in your 20’s pay attention!

1.       Remember that the learning didn’t stop when you got your diploma from business school

2.       Take your job seriously – don’t have the attitude that this job is a stepping stone to the next

3.       Be early – you have to make a better impression than those who have solid results and proof

4.       Ask questions – don’t act like you know what you are doing when you don’t

5.       Tell the truth and don’t lie

6.       Ask for feedback and learn from it – don’t get upset with the feedback

7.       Make yourself nervous – get out of your comfort zone – give feedback to your boss and challenge your co-workers to follow through

8.       Speaking of follow through – always deliver on your promises and deadlines – don’t make your boss chase after you

9.       During meetings take copious notes – before speaking, write down what you are hearing and review your thoughts mentally before going off on a tangent – your ability to present with clarity says a lot about your future

10.   Take risks, work harder and remember you are young and in many cases free of a lot of ‘at home’ responsibility – use this time to show them what you are made of

11.   Learn how to entertain – yes manners matter!  Regardless if you drink alcohol or not, learn how to order wine and eat food that you are not naturally drawn to

12.   Learn to keep your mouth shut – if you are mad take a walk

13.   Start saving NOW – before you buy that expensive new watch, put 10% of your income away in savings – the younger generation is too consumed with instant gratification – that Louis Vuitton bag won’t mean as much if you don’t have enough money for this months rent

14.   Try something new every day that causes you to accept change more freely

15.   Stop expecting the promotion tomorrow – you have to be patient and prove yoursel!