Cindy Novotny

There Should Be NO Buyer’s Remorse with New Hires!


Most organizations pride themselves in their on-boarding process. Over the recent years, many companies have moved this process to an electronic version which ultimately saves time, resources and money because it doesn't require a team of people to officially orient these new employees. 

Although this quick on-line version is good for procedure, protocol and employee HR issues, the system itself is not enough to welcome your new team members to your wonderful company and introduce them to your culture. 

I have spent the last several weeks in Asia working with clients on new team orientation and there is such a difference in how one company does this versus another.  One of our clients does such a great job with new hires that the attrition is much lower than those who skip this face to face, team-building event. 

You must set your teams up for success and make sure they stay with you for a long time.  Therefore, here are a few tips to orient these new hires to your culture, your energy, your passion and your company:

  • Make sure they get to know their team leader (supervisor) and others in their group.  If you throw them right into the work (even though you might be short staffed and need the manpower) you will miss the opportunity to give an emotional connection to your brand and the camaraderie of the team
  • Values shape your results.  We just spent 2 days working with new team members which involved sharing each part of the organization's values in detail.  We gave examples of how the values support client service and one another.  We shared the goals of the company, the priorities and the challenges we would be facing.  All of this leads to excellence in the future.  It is critical to explain what's behind each of your standards and values
  • Explain how things work.  Don’t make the mistake of waiting for people to come to you to ask how things are done.  Don’t ignore the ‘elephants’ in the room and make sure everyone is comfortable giving and receiving feedback.  Set expectations so there are no surprises
  • Give the new team members short term goals.  Setting clear goals and expectations will create more alignment within the team.  Creating these early sets the scene for making people accountable

In the end it is very simple:  You are welcoming a new ‘customer’ to your organization.  They may be an internal customer, but they are a customer after all.