Cindy Novotny

The End of October Signals More Than Ghosts and Goblins!

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Everyone seems to get excited about Halloween. In The Americas, Asia, and Europe - everywhere I have been this month people are decorating, planning parties and festivities.  What I tend to think about in addition to the candy and fun is that we have only 2 months left in the year to make our quotas.  The holidays tend to start screaming at us toward the end of October and people lose focus on how they allocate their time. 

With only about 60 days left in the year (not counting weekends) you need to take a solid look at how you are going to round out your year.  There is very little selling time left or as I call it ‘golden selling hours.’ 

There will be days off for holidays, entertaining, planning for 2016 and closing out budgets for 2015.  With that said, if you are in sales, you still need to push forward and close more business.  Here are my top 10 tips of how to end the year on a high note and beat your numbers:

1.       Prioritize all your outstanding proposals, tentative bookings or key clients who have shown some interest in your products.  Once you prioritize these based on revenue and future potential, make an aggressive plan to try and close their business before the year end

2.      Look at your market segments and find some key influencers within each segment.  Reach out to those executive decision makers and ask for their advice or assistance in getting more business from their segment

3.      Create a year-end "Happy New Year" type of correspondence to send to all potential prospects so that during the busy festive season in December you are ready to hit the ‘send’ button

4.      For potential clients that use your competition exclusively, create an incentive for them to use your services once in the first quarter to show them ‘observable differences between you and your competitor

5.      Use the slower holiday season to do more role plays with your sales coach, director or mentor.  Take some online classes, attend some speeches on your market, read about trends and update your knowledge

6.      Plan a strategic meeting with some key customers where you want to grow their business and set some goals and actions with the client for new business in 2016

7.      As an entire sales team, review the typical objections you are receiving and come up with some good ideas to overcome these obstacles

8.      Clean up your desk, your travel computer bag and your calendars.  This is a wonderful time to re-organize how you work.  A messy desk creates clutter and clutter becomes a monster that steals your time

9.      Create non-negotiable standards for the work environment with the team.  Even if you are deployed and work from home, discuss how work should get done in 2016.  Meetings, line up, communication, emails, etc.  Go into 2016 with a clear mind

10. Enjoy the holiday season with more zest because you have done 1-9 and are ready to end on a high and tackle 2016!