Cindy Novotny

As a Team, We're All in This as ONE!

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We have worked very hard to create an organization that focuses on trust, candor and loyalty.  Most people are hardwired to want to be part of a team as it leads to greater productivity, engagement and inspiration.  Unfortunately, there is always that one person who plays both sides of the coin and tries to make it all about themselves versus the good of the team. I have had a lot of experience dealing in this arena over my many years of leading diverse teams, but it still doesn’t make it easy when someone you trust tries to hurt your team and all of the hard work you have invested in it. 

In an organization that supports individual accomplishments and team goals, it is so important to recognize that in most organizations it is the performance of each individual that creates the success of the team.  When one team member lets the team down - whether it is in losing a piece of business, not following up on their projects or missing deadlines, this affects the entire enterprise.

What I don’t get is why this logic is so hard for some to understand.  If I have heard it once I have heard it a hundred times – ‘well at least they are a nice person.’  I am sorry but nice people don’t let the team down, nice people don’t lie, nice people don’t slack on accountability or try to be something they are not. 

Recently, a project group on our team has come to together in a fantastic way to work on our MCA Team-building Event.  We have a great team of 3 dynamic team members putting all of this together.  A Boomer, and 2 Millennials have done a terrific job of breaking the barriers, challenging the status quo and connecting as a team who trusts one another.  Working together is a powerful thing and we should try harder to make sure that the teams we put together deserve that power.  No man is an island and in our case – NO MAN STANDS ALONE!