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Make sure “When a Man Loves a Woman” is not on your set list.

No offense to Percy Sledge.

That’s just one of the pieces of advice I give when I’m talking about gay weddings.  And I talk about them all the time. I’ve planned hundreds of same-sex since 2004, when I opened my company 14 Stories, when same-sex marriage was legalized in the first U.S. state, Massachusetts.

Although I’m still planning, I’m also doing a lot of training for those in the wedding industry. And I’m frequently asked the question, “What’s the difference between a straight and a gay wedding?”

The answer is – a lot.  And also – not very much at all.

The weddings themselves are often quite similar to what you’re used to (particularly if you work with nontraditional couples). However, even if you’re the biggest supporter, there are many nuances you’ve probably never even considered (like who walks down the aisle last!) Same-sex couples are looking for our expertise to help them explore new traditions. Also, sales and marketing to same-sex couples may be much different than what you’re used to – and selling to two grooms is different than selling to two brides.

Same-sex weddings could bring new energy and creativity to your business, but there’s a lot to know. That’s where the Gay Wedding Institute comes in. To learn more check out or call 646.580.1270